Fossil Wars | 8+ Yrs

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A fast-paced card game where player's turn into paleontologists on a mission to gather the most valuable collection of dinosaur fossils!


> 50 DINOSAURS - Learn about the unique features and characteristics of 50 different dinosaurs.

> FAST PACED - Dig to gather fossils and complete 3 sections of dinosaurs quickly.

> PLANNING - Plan well to display a diverse collection of fossils as per their time period, type of dinosaurs and region.

> STRATEGY - How many to dig? Which to exhibit? Which to sell/kill? When to end the game?

Here's How The Game Works:

There's a central deck of cards from which players dig fossils. Players exhibit their finds in different sections as per their type, time period or region. A section with at least 2 dinosaurs is considered complete. Players may also get power cards in the deck which can change the game quite significantly. For example, a Moolahraptor allows you to steal up to 3 cash from any one player. And the Pirate card allows you to take 2 cards from any one player's hand! Suddenly, your opponents may have to adjust their game plan.

Through these obstacles, if a player completes 3 different sections or exhibits 5 dinosaurs within 1 section, the game ends. Now, all players calculate the total value of their exhibited fossils plus any remaining cash. However, this in itself does not determine the winner. There are several bonus points that are awarded in the end as per the diversity of your collection such as +2 points if you have fossils from all three time periods, +3 for dinosaurs from any 5 continents, +4 for dinosaurs with 3 parts and many more.