Samrat | 8+ Yrs

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Samrat is a board game set in Medieval India. This is the time when Muhammad Ghori planned to take over North India, which was then ruled by Prithviraj Chauhan from Delhi, Raja Jaichand from Kannauj & Raja Bhimdev II from Gujarat. While history notes the success story of Ghori, Samrat gives its players a chance to rewrite history.

> REAL INDIAN HISTORY - Rule like a king. Raise an army. Attack other kings. All while learning real Indian history.

> STRATEGY - Build camps, produce gold, stone & wood. Plan well to use resources effectively and win.

> ASYMMETRIC - Each player has own historical objectives and unique characteristics. Use your strengths to your advantage. 

> FUN FOR ALL - Loved by board gamers and kids alike. Great fun with repeat playability for all ages above 8 years.

Here's How The Game Works:
Each player is a king & earns stars by completing objectives, some of which are based on real history. Build camps to produce Gold, Stone & Wood resources. Use such resources efficiently to raise an army, conduct battles & complete objectives. The first player to earn 5 stars (2 players) or 7 stars (3 or 4 players) wins the game!

• Strategic Thinking
• Critical Thinking
• Planning & Decision Making