The Alphabet Of Animals & Birds | 1+ Yrs

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This is not just an alphabet book. There is so much more to learn from it. Introduce your kids to so many animals and birds while also teaching what collective nouns are and what groups of such animals and birds are called. Did you know that a group of crows is called A Murder of Crows?! The artwork is amazing too.


Turn the pages of this beautiful and charming ABC book that brings together the alphabet and funny collective nouns for animals and birds. Join a gulp of cormorants, a parliament of owls, a sloth of bears and many others as they come together and have some unbelievable alphabet and animal fun.

About the Author:

Prabha Mallya is an illustrator, writer and comic book maker. She is at her happiest when fussing around with inks and stubby pencils and frequently has black fingernails. When she isn't drawing, she enjoys chasing cats over tin roofs, sipping chai on rainy days and reading graphic novels with no real panel flow.