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There is learning all around us. Step out and let your curiosity lead. It is amazing how beautiful everything appears if you just spend enough time to appreciate its fundamental backdrop. At Kitki, we endeavour to help you realise how fascinating learning really is, by not just seeing or hearing it, but by experiencing it. Join us as we explore innovative ways (board games, STEM activities, postcards, workshops,...) to share our love for learning.

We started in 2013 by partnering with schools and organising curriculum-based experiential learning activities and field visits. Through several such hours of first-hand experience of working with kids, we realised how effectively games can teach. Games have the power to immerse kids in an active learning environment, without them even realising it.

Our games have won several awards from parenting and toy associations and have been appreciated by parents, teachers and gamers alike from 22 countries.


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