DIY Wooden Microscope | 10+ Yrs

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It takes time to set this up (about 3-4 hours). You may make mistakes and have to redo it. You will need patience. But once it is fixed, you will forget about all the hard work because it is all worth it. We took a tiny drop of plant/pot water and saw micro-organisms wiggle! We could literally feel curiosity take over. We were running around to find other things to see through the microscope. 


 > HIGH QUALITY - Lenses that can zoom up to 400x! Comes with LED light source and reflective sticker for strain-less exploring.

 > STEM - Observe plant cells, micro-organisms, crystal structures, insects, etc. Sketch what you see and take your science projects to the next level.

 > NATURE FRIENDLY - Made of wood and carries no paint or splinters on them. Safe for you and safe for Earth.

 > DIY FUN - If you like challenging puzzles, you will have a lot of fun even assembling the microscope. Easy to follow video instructions.

 > LIGHT-WEIGHT - Keep it on your desk or carry it anywhere with you. 


This fully functional 400X microscope can help your child to see, examine and understand micro-organisms and particles. It has both LED light source and sunlight for enhanced viewing of small details. It’s compatible with microscope slides used in school laboratories. Lab experiments can now be done at home!