Crafty Puggles | 5+ Yrs

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The game concept, the simple mechanics and the subtle introduction to fractions. We love it all! The game helps kids recognise fractions and understand their meaning while playing a really fun game. It is a dice-based game, so a lot depends on luck. Although the box says 8+ years, we believe even 5+ years can give it a go.


> LOGICAL REASONING & OPTIMISATION - A tile placement and path building game with 3 different tile types that can be rotated and re-arranged in multiple ways. 

> FRACTIONS - Learn and master basic fractions.

> TWISTS & TURNS - With fun actions and power cards, the game isn’t always a walk in the park. It’s fun and different every time you play!


Get your dig kit ready, we're going on an epic treasure hunt!

The late Viscount Pennington of Meyersbury has hidden his invaluable treasure in the gardens of his sprawling mansion. Many treasure hunters have tried to find it and have failed. That doesn’t mean all is lost!

You’re a trainer of some crafty puggles - cute, cuddly, treasure-sniffing critters with a nose for all things bling. Can you guide them to the hidden treasure?

Let’s dig to win BIG!