Mechanical Xylofun Music Machine | 8+ Yrs

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This is just brilliant! Great fun assembling it. Even more fun figuring out how to play your favorite rhymes/tunes. Always thought a DIY activity kit could only be a one-time toy. But this one challenged our perception and succeeded at it! Instructions to assemble are crystal clear and comes with a few sample song arrangements. Perfect for little engineers!


> STEAM - Helps in brain development with real moving parts and mechanical actions.

> LET'S MAKE MUSIC - Absolute fun to play. Can learn about music notations and even compose own tunes!

> ECO-FRIENDLY & SAFE - Made using pine wood and non-toxic materials sourced from eco-certified vendors.

> PARTS REPLACEMENT If a part is inadvertently missing or is broken during construction or lost, its replacement will be provided.


Smartivity Mechanical Xylofun Music Machine helps kids create their own music. As they build the toy and use it to make new tunes, they understand the mechanics of music creation. They get to know how notes combine to become tunes, boosting their curiosity and creativity.

The project includes all the elements required to build a music machine, including pegs for arranging and rearranging notes. Once assembled, children learn about music notations and can compose their own tunes by placing the pegs in different slots. The box also contains instructions for composing two simple tunes and allows children to explore the magical, wonderful world of music.

The kit comes with a Richly Illustrated, Easy-To-Understand Instruction Manual with Big, Clear Images. It helps your child understand each and every step without any difficulty.