Rory's Story Cubes | 4+ Yrs

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At first it didn't sound like a fun game. But when we tried playing it, it was amazing fun! We couldn't stop giggling while coming up with spontaneous stories that connect the cubes. A great way to let children explore their creativity and develop their language skills. It is so open-ended that you could easily come up with your own variations to make it even more interesting.


> LIMITLESSRoll the nine dice to make one of over a million combinations for unlimited storytelling fun.

> NON-COMPETITIVE - A very good break from the other competitive games. You could make it more cooperative by asking each player to pick one dice of their choice and continue the story.

> EASY TO CARRY - Comes in a super small but well made box that you can carry anywhere on your travels.


Pocket sized creative story generator which encourages imagination and language development. In today’s fast paced world dominated by gadgets, this product serves your need to unwind, relax and recharge with family and friends who matter most to you or even strangers with whom you have no idea what to talk about. Be it a hobby or a family bonding activity, this product will not disappoint.