Space Pirates | 10+ Yrs

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A super, tactical, fun way to learn and practice Newton's Laws. Cops chasing Pirates in space following Newton's Laws! This unique, futuristic, educational game is perfect for science geeks! šŸš€

> FUN! - A quick-paced game where pirates try to escape while cops place obstacles and chase them. It is both Cooperative & Competitive with up to 4 players playing as teams of 2 each. Play in teams & plan strategies to win.

> STEM - Interactive board game for the whole family that makes you think about the three Newton's Laws in a practical way.Ā 

> SKILLS - Logical Reasoning + Tactical Thinking + Mind Game that makes it interesting and challenging every time you play. So many ways to play; with scope to expand rules gradually.

> COMPACT - All the above fun is optimally designed and packed in a compact box. Carry and play anywhere! Lightweight and easy to store for school and/or camp.

Here's How The Game Works:

Space Pirates is a strategic mind game where the rules are Newton's laws! The game is set up near Jupiter, around 4 of its largest moons. Players are divided into 2 groups - pirates and cops.

In the game, cops chase pirates while they try to escape through a portal. But players cannot directly move the spaceships on the board. They only have a remote access to their ships and their movement is determined by the use of fuel on the players' control panels. In this process, if the pirates collide twice with either cops, space habitats or any barricades placed by cops, they lose.

To make the game even more exciting, there are several powers that the players may purchase and use on their turns, such as upgrading fuel tank capacity or gaining +2 speed or hacking into a cop's control panel and adjusting their navigation.

Overall, a great fun game and without even realizing you learn, practice, about Newton's laws.